In the light of public outcry, the Parish Alliance commissioned our legal team through Wrotham PC to produce crucial evidence against the scheme which assisted Planners in reaching the decision to Refuse Permission.

Trucks are the lifeblood of our economy, and drivers need adequate rest facilities, something the UK has been sadly lacking for decades. But this was simply not the right place, and would have taken too many HGVs off the motorways and onto local roads to get to this Greenbelt site.



New slip roads at the junction of the M25/M26 and the A21 would use the M26 as a Bypass around Seal, Ightham, Borough Green, Platt and Wrotham Heath, finally giving us relief from the never ending through traffic on KCC's "Strategic Trunk Routes", reducing Air Pollution, and improving quality of life and road safety in the villages and surrounding area.





Since 2009 we have been successfully campaigning for a suite of Traffic Measures that will slow down through traffic. The scheme includes multiple Traffic Light controlled pedestrian crossings, traffic calming, 20mph limits, extended 30 & 40 mph limits, Speed Indicator Devices, and much more. Progress has been painfully slow, But watch this space, we haven't given up yet






We passionately support any policy that will mitigate Climate Change, whoever puts it forward - climate change is an issue beyong Party and National Politics. But we put our money where our mouth is, and Potters Mede Sports Hall systems were designed by Scott Millener, to ensure our building had the smalles possible carbon footprint. Pete Gillin took the same approach with Wrotham Cricket Pavilion, and James Reid with the Ightham Scout Building.

 And we believe passionately in protecting our Green Spaces. Greenbelt is seen by the Government and Housebuilders as just another commodity, they forget it is irreplaceable, and it can only be destroyed once. If the last couple of years have taught us anything, it is that we need open space for our health, and we have to become self sufficient in food distribution as global supply chains.collapse under the onslaught of Pandemics, Climate Change, escalating Fuel Costs and War.


TMBC have been trying to axe this service, which is vital to residents with large items to dispose of, and without transport to get it to one of the distant Tips. As we saw recently, this led to a dramatic increase in fly tipping even in the villages.





   BUS SUBSIDY CUTS - KCC propose drastic cuts to our local rural bus routes, and craftily put the consultation on line, disenfranchising those who use the buses the most. To be fair you could email in and ask for a hard copy of the consultation, but they tell you that online!. The Parish Alliance is watching the situation very closely and will not let these local services get axed without a fight.